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Code Savvy - Summer Connections #2

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Last week, we announced that we would be highlighting a variety of people, organizations and resources that are doing work to broaden participation and expand equitable and engaging computer science and STEM opportunities over the course of the summer. This week, we are proud to bring you our first highlight and a new CS to Go theme.

This Week’s Spotlight: CSforAll-MN (Member of the ECEP Alliance) 

CSforAll-MN is our local chapter of the national ECEP (Expanding Computing Education Pathways) Alliance, an organization that works to develop effective and replicable interventions to broaden participation in computing (BPC) and to create state-level infrastructure to foster equitable computing education policies. This organization works to increase the number and diversity of K-16 students with access to computer science. CSforAll-MN’s initiative is propelled by a steering committee, made up of individuals from the National Center for CS Education, LT Media Lab, and Code Savvy, and an advisory committee made up of industry professionals, educators, lawmakers and community members. The CSforAll-MN goals include:

  1. Writing a landscape report for the state of computer science in MN

  2. Convening a summit to draft a state plan & timeline for increasing access to K-16 CS education in MN

  3. Creating pathways & partnerships to drive state-level CS education

These goals are driven by research and statistics demonstrating the efficacy of implementing computational resources earlier on in a student’s education (K-12). CSforAll-MN is driven to widen the spectrum and diversity of individuals entering CS fields by creating more opportunities for all students to reap the benefits of CS in K-12. By establishing a more widespread CS curriculum and promoting accessibility, CSforAll-MN works to align state-level efforts with the national conceptual framework of CS for all individuals.

This week's project-inspiration theme is: THE 4th OF JULY

This Scratch example will get you started! Remember, this is just a suggestion; use your own creative genius to create a personalized project!

We hope you create a CS project in honor of The 4th of July! If you do, please share it with us.

share your CS to Go projects!

How to Share: We invite CS to Go with Code Savvy participants to consider sharing your projects publicly with the Code Savvy and greater #MNCodes community via video with Flipgrid. We can’t wait to see what you create! Please be sure to follow online safety guidelines and get adult permission before sharing. You can find our Privacy Policy here.

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