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About CS to Go

At a time when “distance” is a necessity, the role that technology serves in bringing us together has never been more clear, from the move toward virtual learning, conferencing, and community, to the data visualizations and models being created to help combat the coronavirus. With this spotlight on the importance of technology in our world, we are reminded of one of our guiding principles: that the next generation of innovators are already in all of our communities. It is our hope that this next generation will be equipped to tackle the present and future global challenges with even greater ingenuity.


CS to Go with Code Savvy is our response to the current health crisis -- Code Savvy’s programs have come together to develop weekly youth-centered challenges that focus on creating new things with computer science.


Each challenge will include videos with tips and resources to help you get started on a variety of computer science platforms, as well as information on how to share the projects you create!

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About Code Savvy

We’re on a mission to empower students and educators with the knowledge and skills to create with technology, all while interrupting gender, racial and socioeconomic gaps in computing.

Our programs are FREE to all students who want to learn, regardless of background. Help us keep it that way. Donate today!

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