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Updated: Jan 4, 2023

The Latest From Code Savvy - Computer Science Education Week

December 5th to the 11th is Computer Science Education Week!

CSEd Week is a time every year to celebrate the work we do in our community, the people that make up that community, and the awesome programs we run that bring computer science to underrepresented students (and teachers) across the state of Minnesota.

This year, we are taking the lead of our friends at CSTA and celebrating our local Minnesota CS Heroes… keep an eye on our social media next week to learn more and to get involved!

This Week’s Spotlight and Project-Inspiration Theme: CS Ed Week 2022

December 5th-11th is CS Ed Week 2022! This year emphasizes the progress in computer science education while also acknowledging there is still progress needed so that all students have an equal opportunity to learn CS.

This week we are highlighting a local Minnesota artist and CS Hero, Marlena Myles. Myles is a self-taught digital artist who mixes art, technology, and augmented reality to make connections to Native American communities and share their stories. She helped found Wiyounkihipi (We Are Capable) Productions, “a platform for Dakota voices to publish and pass on our teachings to future generations.” To learn more, check out their website where they publish children’s books about the Dakota culture and language and support the writers and artists by posting their profiles!

To learn more about Marlena, check out her full CS Hero profile and many other CS Heroes!

For this week's project inspiration, think about other innovators and creators who have inspired you in computer science. This person could be someone famous, someone you know personally, or even yourself. Whoever you choose, try creating a "CS Hero" poster like the one seen above by Marlena Myles. Add in a small bio, an image of them, and any other images/text that emphasizes their work. Once you have completed the activity, you can send us your posters ( or tag us on social media using #CodeSavvyHeroes.

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