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Code Savvy Connections

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

The Latest From Code Savvy - Code Savvy Day at The Thinking Spot

If you’re going to be staying in the Twin Cities this 4th of July weekend, please join us between 10-6pm on Saturday the 2nd for “Code Savvy Day” at The Thinking Spot in Wayzata, MN.

As a kickoff to Independent Retailer Month, this is a great opportunity to #ShopLocal and support our Code Savvy programs at the very same time.

You can use this voucher for shopping that day and a portion of your sale will be donated to Code Savvy.

We will have two project events that day:

11-1pm - Micro-Python Robots - gives kids hands-on experience with python-powered robots, and a presentation on the coding that goes into making them work. (We may also have these robot kits available for purchase!)

2-4pm - Art Tech Project - A python-powered LED strip art project for the older kids and a Sticker Art LED Circuitry project for the younger kids.

This event will also serve as the kick off to our Laptops to Linux program, putting the old laptops that are collecting dust in your homes to very good use.

Drop them off (with their power cords) and we will wipe your personal information and install Linux on them to be used by our Code Savvy Explore programs! Eligible machines will entitle you to a tax-deductible receipt.

Most importantly, we hope you all have a safe and wonderful 4th of July!

This Week’s Spotlight and Project-Inspiration Theme: International Asteroid Day

June 30th is International Asteroid Day, an event observed annually and sanctioned by the United Nations to bring awareness to the risks of asteroid impacts. The day marks the anniversary of The Tunguska event, the greatest impact event on Earth that was observed and recorded. In 1908 over Siberia, Russia, an explosion occurred, flattening around 80 million trees over an almost 850 square mile radius of the forest. Scientists believe a meteorite suffered an atmospheric explosion, therefore not impacting the earth's surface.

Dr. Brian May, the famous astrophysicist and lead guitarist of the rock band Queen, is the co-founder of Asteroid Day with Apollo 9 astronaut Rusty Schweickart, filmmaker Grig Richters, and B612 Foundation President Danica Remy. Their main goal for the yearly event is to educate the public on the risks of asteroids but also their importance. Asteroids play a vital role in forming the solar system, previously modifying the Earth's biosphere, and could provide resources for future space exploration. Check out their website to learn more and to find an event near you!

Check out these asteroid and space inspired coding activities (low to high difficulty):

  1. Space Cadets - Students learn coding concepts as they solve these puzzles to help their astronaut through the space journey.

  2. Space Asteroids with Scratch - Students will learn physical computing and game programming with the Raspberry Pi.

  3. Asteroid Dodge - In this activity students will create a game with player controls and use key-presses to keep your ship in the air while avoiding obstacles.

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