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Code Savvy Connections

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The Latest From Code Savvy

Our search continues for our next Technovation[MN] Nonprofit Program Director reporting to the new Code Savvy Executive Director. This role leads our Technovation[MN] program that helps girls discover their potential and encourage them to engage with their community in ways they haven’t before. If you are inspired to show girls that they belong in technology, that they can be founders of businesses, and that they are important to the future of everyone - we want to hear from you.

Additionally, Code Savvy is looking for Part Time Computer Science Instructional Coaches to support our fast growing Educator Program! Join us to engage and inspire students through creative computing!

Click the button below to learn about all opportunities currently available with Code Savvy!

This Week’s Spotlight and Project-Inspiration Theme: Indigenous Peoples Day

This week’s focus is Indigenous Peoples Day!

October 11th was Indigenous Peoples Day and this week’s spotlight. The day celebrates and recognizes the Indigenous communities that span the United States. It is a day to learn about the ways Indigenous people have been discriminated against in this country. The day focuses on ways to bring awareness to current issues such as climate change, healthcare, and more which affect Indigenous communities at a much higher rate.

The holiday was previously celebrated as part of Columbus Day, which marks the anniversary of when explorer Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain to what is now known as the Americas. Over the last decade, there has been a shift to recognizing the day as Indigenous Peoples Day. On October 8th, 2021, President Biden proclaimed that the United States of America recognizes October 11th as Indigenous Peoples Day. The proclamation makes him the first president to formally recognize the day as Indigenous Peoples Day. The day is not officially a Federal Holiday yet but, there is a proposed bill in Congress to have it be one. Many states and cities have recognized the day as a holiday or through proclamations. The first state to officially recognize Indigenous Peoples Day was South Dakota in the 1990s.

Check out the website Native Knowledge 360°, an education initiative to transform teaching and learning about Native Americans. On the site, you can read different articles and find featured teacher and student programs. What could you create this week to honor Indigenous Peoples Day? Whatever you create, don't forget to share it with us!

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