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Code Savvy Connections

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

The Latest From Code Savvy

Our search continues for our next Technovation[MN] Program Director reporting to the new Code Savvy Executive Director. This role leads our Technovation[MN] program that helps girls discover their potential and encourage them to engage with their community in ways they haven’t before. If you are inspired to show girls that they belong in technology, that they can be founders of businesses, and that they are important to the future of everyone - we want to hear from you.

Additionally, Code Savvy is looking for Part Time Computer Science Instructional Coaches to support our fast growing Educator Program! Join us to engage and inspire students through creative computing!

Click the button below to learn about all opportunities currently available with Code Savvy!

This Week’s Spotlight and Project-Inspiration Theme: National Pollution Prevention Week

This week’s focus is National Pollution Prevention Week!

September 19th to 25th was National Pollution Prevention Week and this week’s theme! The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) puts on different programs every year to encourage people to prevent and reduce pollution from being released into the environment. Some of the programs that occur during P2 Week are the Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Program, the Green Chemistry Program, the Safer Choice Program, and more.

Just over thirty years ago, the Pollution Prevention Act was created in 1990 to help lower the creation of pollution from its main sources in the United States. The focus of this policy was to help lower the impact that companies had on the environment and it was the inspiration for P2 Week. To accomplish their goals of helping different industries lower their waste, the EPA gave businesses new ways to produce their products and cost-effectively run their operation. The EPA has been able to go into many different facilities and change the way that they are being run, helping reduce the number of dangerous chemicals that were being released and also improving the working conditions of the employees.

How will you get inspired this week to help prevent and reduce pollution? You could check out this LEGO educational program called RE:CODE, which teaches kids computer science and gives them different activities that focus on sustainability. Or you could create code that lets people and companies track their efforts to reduce waste using Scratch. Whatever you create, don't forget to share it with us!

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