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Code Savvy Connections

Our newsletters highlight a variety of people, organizations, and resources that are doing work to broaden participation and expand equitable and engaging computer science and STEM opportunities. We are honored to work in this space along with so many talented and passionate individuals and want to help bring attention to their work.  

This Week’s Spotlight: SWE UMN

The Society of Women Engineers is a global organization that empowers women to join and succeed in the field of engineering. The overarching goal of SWE is to stimulate women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity. There are over 40,000 members in the United States and even more internationally.

SWE UMN events include general monthly meetings, professional development events, outreach events, community service, and coffee and donut mornings.

SWE UMN has some exciting upcoming events, beginning with the Key to SWE. This is a new newsletter written for high school students by members of the University of Minnesota Society of Women Engineers to provide information about the University of Minnesota, the Society of Women Engineers, and STEM education. This newsletter is intended to help bridge the gap for prospective students who may not be able to visit campus during the current uncertain times.

They also have a virtual Gopher CSE event on Saturday, November 7th from 12-2 PM for high school juniors and seniors. Gopher CSE is an annual event targeted at female and non-binary high school students and hosted by the Society of Women Engineers and the College of Science and Engineering. It is an opportunity for prospective students to learn more about CSE and interact with current students. This event will include guest speakers and interactive breakout sessions.

This Week's Project Inspiration Theme: Halloween

October 31st is Halloween!

Although Halloween looks a little different this year we still want to have a fun and spooky Halloween! Let your creative side out and use this Trinket coding tutorial to build your own jack o' lantern to celebrate Halloween. Remember, this is just a suggestion; use your creative genius to create a personalized project!

We hope you create a spooky CS project in honor of Halloween! If you do, please share it with us.

Share Your CS to Go Projects!

How to Share: We invite CS to Go with Code Savvy participants to consider sharing your projects publicly with the Code Savvy and greater #MNCodes community via video with Flipgrid. We can’t wait to see what you create! Please be sure to follow online safety guidelines and get adult permission before sharing. You can find our Privacy Policy here.

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