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Code Savvy Connections

The Latest From Code Savvy

Over the next coming months, Code Savvy will be going through a bit of a rebrand. Our programs will be getting some new shiny packaging and we will have a new organizational website to show our community in action.

One of the other new additions to our offerings are deep-dive virtual sessions into computer science topics… our last session, “Code Savvy Presents: Intro to GitHub” was super well received and introduced some new coders to the wonderful world of open source and collaborative coding!

Keep an eye on our social and website for the next session.

This Week’s Spotlight and Project-Inspiration Theme: National Robotics Week

National Robotics Week is April 2-10th and this week's spotlight! The mission of Robotics Week is to inspire students in both the fields of robotics and STEM, but it is also to share how much fun robotics is. Robotics is a subset of computer science that involves the design, creation, function, and use of robots that can help assist humans with a wide range of tasks. Some examples of robots are those used in surgery for more precise mobility, robots used for delivering food/packages, or robots used to explore places that humans cannot survive. There has also been a rise in advancements in robotics due to an increase in Artificial Intelligence. AI is the ability of machines to demonstrate intelligence and complete tasks which are normally completed by humans.

To learn more about National Robotics Week, check out their website for different resources and events scheduled throughout the week. If you want to learn more about robotics and coding, try playing Robot Repair, a game that teaches logic and problem-solving skills in coding. For more advanced students, check out Code Savvy volunteer Dan McCreary's website to learn how you can use a MicroPython Kit to create your own robots. He also has a detailed description of the board and different lab activities to try!

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